S4TEK are pleased to introduce a versatile and economic system for creating composite structures, usefull to a wide range of industries.

The backbone of the system is a range of ‘Standard’ components, Sheet, Angle, I Beams, etc. which are used individually or simply cut to the required size and bonded together to make larger and more sophisticated items.

This system is ideal for lightweight, strong and dimensionally stable components of many types including;

Assembly jigs and fixtures                     Robotics

Inspection equipment                Machine frames

Available as moulded sections in standard lengths, kits of cut parts or complete bonded assemblies.

Although we can make square and rectangular box sections they are not part of our ‘Standard’ range, 

Fabricated box sections can be more cost effective, and often, structurally more efficient. The flanges can also be used as attachment points for cable or pipe runs, etc.

Our system for fabricating ‘box’ section and larger assemblies from ‘I’ beams, angles and pieces of sheet also allows the creation of tapered, cranked and curved beams without huge tooling costs.